Explore additional content for the spring 2022 issue of the Nature Conservancy of Canada Magazine

Coast to coast

Native plants for your garden

Spring has sprung! Whether you’re a new gardener or a seasoned cultivator, try this quiz to find out what you know about helping to support local biodiversity through your garden (page 4):

Boots on the Trail

Pearson Township Wetland

Take a peek at some photos of this wondrous wetland on Lake Superior’s North Shore (page 6):

Activity Corner

Be Batty

Learn more about bats so you can do your part to help Canada’s declining bat populations (page 7):

Feature story

Prescription to burn

The paradox of fire: How something so destructive can benefit the landscape. See a prescribed burn in Ontario take shape (page 8).

Project updates

Our work across the country

Plains bison herd successfully re-established to The Key First Nation; final push to protect once-in-a-lifetime landscape in southern Ontario (page 16).

Species profile

Bald eagle

With a wingspan of more than two metres, this regal bird is a showstopper (page 14). Check out some amazing footage from wildlife photographer Bertie Gregory:

Close encounters

Hidden in plain sight

Lichens are all around but often unnoticed. It takes time to observe. To really look, to really see. See some of the author’s photos (page 18):