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Explore additional content for the spring 2023 issue of the Nature Conservancy of Canada Magazine

Coast to coast

Our aim is true

Over the next three years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) will conserve an additional 130,000 hectares of priority natural habitat, thanks to the extension of the Natural Heritage Conservation Program (page 4). View our successes since the start of the program below.

Boots on the trail

Dutch Creek Hoodoos

Formed over thousands of years, these hoodoos offer a stunning view over an important wildlife corridor. See for yourself (page 6).

Activity Corner

Tips for a bee garden

Spring has sprung, and the warming weather and thawing ground may just be the motivation you need for some yard improvements this year. Along with our four tips to help bees (page 7), learn more about naturalizing an urban garden from the late Bill Freedman, former NCC volunteer and member of NCC’s Board of Directors.

Feature story

A gift for the grasslands

The Weston Family Prairie Grasslands Initiative is empowering ranchers to play a critical role in conserving the few native prairie grasslands we have left (page 8). Watch this video and learn about the important role cattle and rangeland producers have in managing grasslands.

Species profile

Blanding’s turtle

Keep your eyes open for this “smiling” turtle and its bright yellow stripe (page 12) and help them, and other turtles, turtles cross the road.

Close Encounters

A dance to remember

The sharp-tailed grouse dance at The Yarrow, in southern Alberta (page 18), is one of many spellbinding natural displays observable at this special place. Take a tour with writer and naturalist Brian Keating and see more of why its so special.